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The work of the Zurich Community Trust is a core component of Zurich UK’s overall sustainability  framework - click here for more information.  if you are interested to find out more about what Zurich does across the world in community investment then please take a look at the work of the Z Zurich Foundation.

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Trustees and Governance

All on Board

Our Board of Trustees meets on a quarterly basis and works to ensure that Zurich Community Trust (ZCT), as a registered independent charity, delivers public benefit, maximises its impact in the community, supports Zurich Insurance UK in delivering its broader sustainability agenda and complies with all relevant legislation. 

The Board is made up of a balance of senior representation from the Zurich UK Insurance business and external independent individuals who bring a valuable mix of professional skills and life experience to the work and overall strategic direction of ZCT.  Above all, each Trustee acts as a 'critical friend' so that we, as a Trust, continue to learn and grow.

"I am so proud of the difference we make to all we help. Making financial donations, which make a huge difference. Giving time and business skills, which make an even bigger one. And through all of that, bringing hope and belief, the biggest difference of all, to those who need it most."

                                       Tim Culling, Trustee

Trust Executive

The Board is supported by a Trust Executive Committee which has delegated powers to support the delivery of the ZCT plan.

The Trust Executive meets four times a year - with smaller sub groups, as and when required - taking forward specific actions between meetings.

They also support the ZCT team to raise the profile and support for ZCT both internally and externally.

We count ourselves extremely lucky in our Trustees. But what does it mean to them? Find out by clicking the arrows.

      image word cloud ZCT Trustees

  • Steve Collinson, Chair
    Steve Collinson
    “I’m absolutely delighted to Chair the ZCT Board. Zurich has a longstanding commitment to its communities and the Trust plays such a key part in that. That’s everything from our strategic programmes right through to the gardening and DIY challenges we all know and love! I’ve been involved in ZCT activity for over 20 years, most recently on the Trust executive. I’m really looking forward to ensuring we’re making the most of every opportunity to support deserving causes in our communities.”
  • Anne Torry, Trustee
    image Anne Torry Chair

    "I’ve enjoyed a wonderful career in the insurance industry and have recently left my executive career to work with a variety of organisations, from coaching to business governance to being a member of the Zurich Community Trust (ZCT) Board.
    I achieve my sense of purpose and reward from contributing to a balance of stakeholder groups, from business employees who want to be the best they can be, customers who need insurers to enable their goals, shareholders and businesses to deliver sustainable value, and communities in which we live and work.  I’m very proud to remain involved with the Zurich Community Trust which delivers a broad range of benefit to our communities
    I was delighted to chair the Trust from October 2016 to April 2019 when Steve Collinson, UK Head of HR succeeded me.  I look forward to continue working with Steve to ensure a smooth handover as I remain a Trustee and member of the Board.'

  • Ian Lovett, Independent Trustee
    image Ian Lovett Trustee

    "Much of my career was spent with Zurich, as CEO and Chairman of Dunbar Bank and a Director of Allied Dunbar [now Openwork], after which I devoted my time principally to helping with the development of cricket , a lifelong passion, as a Director of the England and Wales Cricket Board, latterly as Deputy Chairman.

    One of my lifetime roles of which I am most proud has been that of Chairman of the Openwork Foundation for over 20 years. It was in that capacity that I was first fortunate enough to  become a Trustee, which has provided me with some of the most satisfying moments of my life.

    I am most proud of ZCT in that, from the outset, it has committed to support ‘less fashionable’ causes, and through its Social Transformation Programmes, has made a lasting difference on a number of challenging issues from which many other funders have 'backed away.’

    ZCT has also established a template for other ‘corporate charities’, the most notable aspects of which are the Partnership approach, the thought that goes into every grant that is given, and for every Programme a concentration on sustainability for when our support ends.

    The Trust is also brilliant at harnessing the amazing energy and willingness of the Zurich staff to volunteer their time and talents to a vast range of causes."

  • Tim Culling, Independent Trustee
    image Tim Culling Trustee

    "I retired from Zurich in 2016 after a 34-year career that involved many different roles, took me to amazing places and enabled me to meet, make friends and work with amazing people. The big constant throughout all that was ZCT (which was the Hambro Life Staff Charity Fund when I first became a donor/volunteer in 1983!).

    ZCT is amazing. I was inspired back in 1983 by Joel Joffe, who had founded the Trust, and who gently but firmly told me of his vision that we would help those less fortunate than ourselves when I met him on my first day at Hambro Life in 1983. He motivated me to become involved, his role model that led me to join the Trust Board in 2007 and I remain involved, as an ‘independent trustee’, even as I bumble around in ‘retirement’.

    I am so proud of the difference that we make to all we help. Making financial donations, which make a huge difference. Giving time and business skills, which make an even bigger one. And through all of that, bringing hope and belief, the biggest difference of all, to those who need it most."

  • Wayne Myslik, Independent Trustee
    Trustee Wayne Myslik
    "I am CEO of Migrants Resource Centre, a charity that supports migrants and refugees to integrate in Britain. I am also MD of Twelve Winds Consulting, a firm that supports businesses to develop and implement effective, values-led strategies.

    I have focused my career on reducing poverty and helping disadvantaged and vulnerable people around the world. I have done this directly through work in the voluntary sector, but also by encouraging responsible companies to support the communities in which they work. This has given me a good understanding of how to build and maintain effective relationships between charities and the companies (and their employees) that support them. As a Trustee of Zurich Community Trust, I can use my experience to ensure the time and money donated by Zurich and its employees is used effectively to support those in need.

    I’m proud to be part of ZCT because it is a remarkable community of people – Zurich leadership, employees across the country, and the charities we support. Everyone in this community is committed to helping others, and it really makes a difference."
  • Tulsi Naidu, CEO, Zurich UK
    image Tulsi Naidu
    "As Chief Executive Officer for Zurich in the UK, the Zurich Community Trust is close to my heart. I am passionate about volunteering and am very proud of the superb work the charity does in our communities. 

    ZCT has donated over £80 million since its inception in 1973 and has improved the lives of over 100,000 people each year. These numbers are truly exceptional and motivated me to join the ZCT Board to continue to encourage colleagues to play their part. 

    The Trust is hugely important to me and it supports Zurich’s commitment to corporate responsibility, which is vital to the way we do business. I am honoured to lead an organisation of generous people, who dedicate both time and money, to improve the communities in which we operate."
  • Andrew Jepp, Managing Director, Zurich Municipal
    image Andrew Jepp Trustee

    "I am Managing Director of Zurich Municipal, the specialist public sector division of Zurich in the UK. Zurich Municipal insures local authorities, housing associations, all types of educational establishments and charities and social organisations in the UK. There is an obvious synergy with the great work of the Zurich Community Trust (ZCT) and when the opportunity arose to become a trustee, I jumped at the chance.

    Charities change lives and this is certainly the case with ZCT. When you look at the range of organisations supported by ZCT over many years and the manner of that support which goes well beyond just financial, you can see the far reaching impact.

    There is real passion and commitment amongst the employees of the Trust which is great to see. Beyond this, however, the Trust holds a special place in the hearts of the employees of Zurich in the UK based on the difference it makes to peoples lives." 

  • Richard Peden, UK Chief Compliance Officer, Zurich
    image Richard Peden Trustee

    "Outside of my role as a Trustee for Zurich Community Trust (ZCT) I live in Bath with my wife Joanna and four children (aged 3, 8, 13, 16), love travelling and exploring as a family, playing any sport I can find, and am the UK Chief Compliance Officer for Zurich.

    I was motivated to join the ZCT Board as I regularly see first hand the fantastic work that ZCT does and wanted to do everything I could to support this work and ensure the Trust continues to have such a positive impact on so many lives and organisations.

    ZCT is important for me because it is a way that we can all have to make a positive impact on the lives of people who are less fortunate than us.  Supporting the work of ZCT means supporting something that, in many ways, represents the very heart of everything we do, and why we do it, at Zurich.

    I am always so proud to see all of the volunteers who give up their time to support the work of ZCT."