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'Zurich Cares' grant programmes

Our 'Zurich Cares' grant programmes support almost 250 deserving causes across the UK and overseas every year, with grants totalling around £870,000.

Each and every one of these grants is only made possible by our amazing colleagues in Zurich UK who fundraise and donate to ZCT. Their contribution goes even further thanks to matching through the annual donation made to ZCT by the Zurich UK business. Community involvement is an integral part of working for Zurich so the vast majority of the 'Zurich Cares' grant funding decisions are made by Zurich employees.

Our national partners 

We're proud to work in partnership with two fantastic national charities – Dementia UK and Place2Be.

Chosen by Zurich employees, it was clear from the start that dementia and mental health are both issues close to many people’s hearts. Starting in 2018, both partnerships will last three years with each receiving an annual grant of £75,000.

Local and overseas grants

We also support a huge range of charities through our local and overseas grants programmes and have established 45 longer-term funding partnerships with many local and regional organisations based around Zurich offices across the UK, from Fareham, Hampshire in the south right up to Glasgow.

image Rosemary Foundation beneficiary

We want to say a big thank you to all the Zurich employees who made this possible. A grant or donation makes such a difference to us and we are delighted to have been supported by the Zurich Community Trust. 

The Rosemary Foundation - Hospice at Home is just one of the many charities to receive a grant through the Zurich Cares Local Grant programme. 

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  • National partners
  • Local Grant programmes
  • Overseas Grant programme
  • Dementia UK

    I was now in the depths of despair. I had begun to plan how we could die. Someone suggested I ring the Admiral Nurse Helpline. I did, and I swear that nurse saved my life. (Sheila, carer)

    From the words of the people getting in touch, it is clear the Dementia Helpline provides an invaluable service for so many people. Many of the calls received last for an hour or so and and are from carers who may be at their wits' end.

    Dementia UK knows that dementia can be a frightening and lonely place. It doesn’t just affect the person with the diagnosis – spouses or partners, and surrounding family and friends are all impacted too.  The above animation - 'Together Again' - explores those feelings of being lost in dementia and how the support and guidance of an Admiral Nurse can help bring people back together again.

    This is why our funding is going to fund an Admiral Nurse for their Helpline so that more people can access the support and guidance they so desperately need.

    Dementia UK provides specialist dementia support for families through their Admiral Nurse service. When things get challenging or difficult, Admiral Nurses work alongside people with dementia and their families. They give the one-to-one support, guidance and practical solutions people need to face dementia with more confidence and less fear. 

    Their 260 Admiral Nurses help families in communities across the country not only face to face but through the free Admiral Nurse Dementia Helpline. For so many, Admiral Nurses are a lifeline, helping them to understand the changes dementia brings and giving them practical strategies to cope. 

    How we help

    With the number of people living with dementia rising every year - one person is diagnosed with dementia every three minutes - Dementia UK needs to increase the number of nurses available and the specialist support they can provide.

    Calls and emails to their Dementia Helpline have trebled in three years and, sadly, many people getting in touch, so often in distress, cannot get through straight away. Dementia UK needs to change this and significantly increase the number of people the charity helps.

    Which is why our £75,000 annual grant for three years is going where it’s most needed - to fund a new nurse for the Dementia Helpline together with funding running costs for the Helpline. 

    This will enable further support for 1,800 families a year, which means 5,400 families over the span of our three year partnership. Plus, of course, the potential to benefit even more people where there is a wider family network. 

    Please email Kate Hodges, Programme Manager at ZCT if you would like to know more about our partnership with Dementia UK.

  • Place2Be

    Place2Be makes it easier to sleep because you get things off your mind.
    (Nine year old child)

    Place2Be provides emotional and therapeutic services in primary and secondary schools, building children's resilience through talking, creative work and play. The children Place2Be works with are facing challenges that no child should have to experience; they suffer bullying, abuse, domestic violence, neglect and much more. 

    Without support, the problems these children face can grow up with them and become much more serious issues later in life, leading to things like unemployment, homelessness and addiction. 

    Even in the first few months of the partnership, Place2Be achieved the below approximate reach:

    - 4,000 children had access to Place2Be in their school
    - 1,600 children were supported through Place2Talk lunchtime sessions
    - 300 parent partnerships were delivered to help parents support their child
    - 400 sessions were delivered for teachers to enable them to support children effectively
    - 130 children were helped in one-to-one counselling

    "Your funding is making a lifetime of difference to children. After using our services, they are happier, have better family relations and have improved friendships." Place2Be.

    Do you know that half of lifetime mental health problems start before the age of 14? Or that one in ten children has a mental health problem, such as anxiety or depression? This impacts their ability to learn, make friends and just get through the day. 

    How we help

    Through our annual £75,000 grant for three years, we're supporting Place2Be’s whole school services in 10 schools across the UK, enabling around 4,000 children from deprived communities to access life changing mental health support. 

    The schools are in Birmingham, London, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff and Croydon. In each of these, the children have access to a Place2Be room, a safe space with art and play materials where children can understand and express their feelings. The room provides a base for a qualified counsellor and a team of highly trained volunteer counsellors.

    Our funding means a range of vital services are provided for the children, including:

    •  One-to-one counselling: for children with the most urgent or complex needs.  
      Place2Talk: lunchtime self-referral service which any child in the school can access.  
      Parent Partnership: work to help parents to understand and support the work undertaken with their children.  

    By providing this support, not only do children with poor mental wellbeing benefit, the entire school community benefits from a better learning environment and increased emotional literacy.

    The difference we’re making

    Children from the poorest families are three times more likely to suffer from a mental health problem. This partnership will allow us to be there for these children at a time when they have no one else to turn to, when our support matters the most, and when it can make the biggest difference. 

    Please email Kate Hodges, Programme Manager, ZCT if you would like to know more about our partnership with Place2Be.

image Titchfield Luncheon Club

Titchfield Luncheon Club is just one charity to benefit from a Zurich Cares local grant. A local community group based in Hampshire, they provide a two course lunch every Wednesday for up to 24 local older people. The Club has previously received grants to cover the cost of new crockery, MiDAS (Mini-Bus Driver Awareness Scheme) qualifications for their volunteers and to support their Christmas lunch. For the last few years, they've also been helped by the same Zurich volunteers who join in the festivities, serving guests and mingling.

About the programme

All funds raised by Zurich employees for Zurich Community Trust (ZCT) go into the 'Zurich Cares' grant pot to then be allocated - through our network of Zurich Cares charity committees managed by Zurich employees - to local deserving causes across the UK.

Our 'Zurich Cares' Local Grant programmes provide smaller grants to charities and community groups in communities close to Zurich offices across the country. Importantly, Zurich employees are the ones to make the funding decisions.

The charities receiving these awards use the funds to sustain and develop their work, enabling them to reach out to those in need within their communities and to help improve the quality of life for disadvantaged people. 
Although we do fund pilots and specific projects, we understand that what charities need most - and can struggle to secure funding for - is funding in support of core costs. Because of this, we've agreed that a minimum of 50% of our overall Local Grant spend should be allocated to the funding of specific core costs such as salaries.


Our multi-year funding partners

After a review of our Zurich Cares Local Grant programmes - including consultation with a broad selection of local charities - we have now developed funding arrangements with around 45 local community and voluntary organisations across the UK. These partnerships, in the main, will last for three years up until 2020, and are based in communities close to Zurich offices across the country.

Although we are not looking to replace these partners until 2020, the majority of Zurich UK offices do still have smaller local grant budgets to award to local deserving causes. 

The helpers from Zurich really made a big difference at the Christmas lunch.  Many of our elderly lunchers sadly live a lonely life and young, cheerful faces were such a boost.

Bryony Hands, Titchfield Luncheon Club



image small boy with glass

Looking for funds?

If you're a charity or voluntary organisation
looking for financial support through our Local
Grant programmes, please visit our 'Looking for
page. See you there.

image child washing hands Pump Aid

Clean water is just the beginning. Our project delivers clean water and builds the capacity and confidence of the local community to make so many other things possible. From all of us at Pump Aid in Malawi, we would like to say a big thank you to the Zurich Community Trust for supporting us.

A variety of UK-registered charities operating overseas benefit every year through our Overseas Grant programme, addressing a diversity of issues in some of the most vulnerable communities in the world. Our annual grant pot of £90,000 supports around 16 UK based charities each year through the programme. 

Recent grants have been awarded to charities working in Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Key points:

- The Overseas Grants Programme opens for applications between 7 January and 31 March every year.  
- Grant applications are reviewed and decisions made by an Overseas Grants Committee, consisting of
  Zurich employees from across the UK. 
The committee holds a series of meetings from May to September every year. The deadline for Overseas
  Grants Applications is 31 March with funding decisions announced later in the year in October.

'Clean water is just the beginning'

One of the overseas organisations to receive a £6,000 grant through the programme is Pump Aid in Malawi. 

Download their blog to see how they spent the funds and the vital difference this has made to lives on the ground. 

 image little girl at pump in Malawi Pump Aid

Looking for funds?

Overseas Grant Programme page. There you'll find all you need to know!