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Looking for funds?

All you need to know about our grant programmes and how to apply #LoveZCT

Applying for funding

Zurich Community Trust (ZCT) has a dynamic grant-making programme which funds organisations working locally, nationally and overseas  Since we started in 1973, grants and business time valued at over £90 million have been given to charitable organisations to improve the quality of life for more than 100,000 disadvantaged people every year!

Our funds are already committed in support of our Social Transformation and National Partner programmes. However, certain locations falling within our Local Grant programmes, as well as our Overseas Grant programme, do welcome applications for funding support at a lower level. 

Local grants

We do have limited funds which means we have to lay down strict criteria for giving. So please first check out our funding criteria to ensure the work of your organisation falls within our guidelines. If the answer is 'yes', then take a closer look at 'How to apply for a local grant' to see if we can help.

Overseas programme

You'll find all you need to know - including funding criteria and the application process - by going to 'How to apply for an overseas grant'.

What we fund and where

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First things first, read this! Here's where we tell you what we do (and don't) fund. As well as where our Local Grant programmes are located in the UK.

How to apply

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In addition to our multi-year funding partnerships, certain Zurich locations still welcome applications. Find out more and how, if appropriate, to apply.

Applying for overseas

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If you're a UK registered charity working overseas and interested in applying for a grant, please visit our Overseas Grant Programme page here.