Farnborough Local Grant programme

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As part of our commitment to a more sustainable form of local grant-making, in Farnborough we have established multi-year funding charity partnerships with Spotlight UK, Oakleaf Enterprise, Farnborough Alzheimer Cafe and Step by Step. Chosen by Zurich employees in Farnborough, these will remain in place until 2020.

The good news, however, is that we still have an annual grant pot of £15,000 to award to other deserving local causes - but please do look at our funding criteria first!

The application window for Farnborough is now closed. Decisions will be made and charities notified by the end of May.

So if you are a small local charity or community group, your beneficiaries are situated within 15 miles of our office in Farnborough in Hampshire (GU14 6GB), and you help to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged people, we may be able to help you with a small grant of up to £2,000.

For this programme, any applications over £2000 will not be considered. In addition, if a charity has applied for a grant in Farnborough during 2018, we will be unable to consider another application until 2020.

Farnborough Grant window is now closed.

Get in touch

For advice about the application process, or to talk through your particular grant application, please contact:

Online application form, process and timings

The Farnborough Local Grant programme is now closed

The application window will open again in 2020.

When the Grant window opens, here's what you need to do:

- PICK UP the phone and speak to Kerry Chambers on 07841 562892 or email kerry.chambers@zct.org.uk. You can then talk through your particular grant application and/or get advice. We know you're busy so this will save you (and us) time in the long run!

- BEFORE starting to complete the form, please take the time to read through all the questions to make sure you have all the required details to hand. It is not possible to save the form as you are completing it, so this is essential.

- Supporting documents - please ensure you have your latest Annual Report and Accounts (in Word, pdf or other emailable format) to submit along with the form - you will be prompted to attach these at the end of the application process. PLEASE NOTE, you will be unable to submit the form without attaching the supporting document(s).

- Once you have completed the form please click on the 'Submit application' button at the bottom of the form to submit this, and the supporting documentation, to the Zurich Community Trust team.  

The Local Grant Committee gives careful consideration to all applications. However, the demand for grants nearly always exceeds the amount of funds available. This means that some good applications, whilst meeting our criteria, still have to be rejected.