Swindon Local Grant programme

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As part of our commitment to a more sustainable form of local grant-making, in Swindon we have established multi-year funding charity partnerships with Hometruths, Phoenix Enterprises, Wiltshire Carers, Swindon Advocacy Movement and Swindon Night Shelter.

Chosen by Zurich employees in Swindon, these will remain in place until 2020.

The good news, however, is that we still have an annual local grant budget of £102,000 to award to other deserving local causes - but please do look at our funding criteria first!

For this programme, we typically consider grant requests within a range of £1,000 - £4,000. So if your organisation is within a 25-mile radius of Swindon and works to improve the life of disadvantaged people, we may be able to help. Equally, if your organisation supports the lives of disadvantaged people within this 25 mile radius, we may also be able to help.

The Swindon application window is NOW OPEN.
See details on how to apply below.

Get in touch

For advice about the application process, or to talk through your particular grant application, please contact (Monday-Wednesday only):

Online application form, process and timings

The Swindon Local Grant programme is NOW OPEN. 

BEFORE starting to complete the form, please take the time to read through all the questions to make sure you have all the required details to hand.  It is not possible to save the form as you are completing it, so this is essential.

Supporting documents - please ensure you have your latest Annual Report and Accounts (in Word, pdf or other emailable format), and a copy of a banking slip to submit along with the form - you will be prompted to submit these at the end of the application process.

PLEASE NOTE, you will be unable to submit the form without attaching the supporting document(s). You may wish to complete your answers in a Word document and then copy and paste your answers to the online form, so that you are able to retain a copy for future reference.

Once you have completed the form please click on the 'Submit application' button at the bottom of the form to submit this and the supporting documentation to the Zurich Community Trust team.

Grant Application Form >

ASK US - For advice about the application process or to talk through your particular grant application, please contact Sarah Barter (Monday-Wednesday only) on 078753 98599/01793 502202 or email sarah.barter@zct.org.uk to discuss.

The Local Grant Committee gives careful consideration to all applications. Inevitably, demand for grants always exceeds funds available. This means that some good applications, whilst meeting our criteria, still have to be rejected.   





Looking for volunteers? We may be able to help!

We run a number of programmes to enable Zurich employees to share their time and/or business skills with their local community. All bring tremendous benefits to the voluntary organisations and the people they work with. We may be able to help you too!

Listed below are some of the things we do.  Contact us if your organisation is within a 30 mile radius of Swindon and has something that needs doing under one of these headings:

Annual Challenge - mainly practical one-off projects, which teams of staff can take up. For example, decorating, DIY, day trips or gardening. 

Skillshare - short term projects, taking typically 10 hours, and where staff share their business skills in areas such as marketing, HR, finance and IT. 

Need another pair of hands? If you're looking for one-off support - eg acting as a marshall at a running event or manning  a stall - get in touch. We're sometimes able to find just the right person.

Please contact Jane Fox, Zurich Cares Programme Manager, either by telephoning  01793 502985 or email Jane.fox@zct.org.uk and we may be able to help.