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The work of the Zurich Community Trust is a core component of Zurich UK’s overall sustainability  framework - click here for more information.  if you are interested to find out more about what Zurich does across the world in community investment then please take a look at the work of the Z Zurich Foundation.

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Zurich Community Trust Privacy Notice


In line with Zurich’s employee and Openwork’s Fair Processing Notices, key personal data is shared with the Zurich Community Trust (UK) Ltd. (ZCT) for the purposes of raising funds and brokering volunteering.

The Zurich Community Trust promises to respect any personal data shared with us and use the data only for the purpose of maximising donations and volunteering to improve the quality of life for disadvantaged people.

What is my personal data?

Your personal data is information that identifies you such as your name and address and date of birth.  Occasionally, if you volunteer with us, more sensitive data may be processed, such as information about your health to enable us to ensure your health and safety. 

What personal data we collect if you are an employee of Zurich or member of Openwork and how we use it.

The data we collect will depend on your level of engagement with programmes of the Zurich Community Trust but will always include your name, business and home address, date of birth and national insurance number (the latter is stored for identity purposes but encrypted on our system) as well as your role and where you work in the respective business area.

We also collect data on whether you donate to us through a payroll giving scheme, buy monthly  tickets in our charity lotteries, donate the pennies from your salary each month in the round pound scheme as well as any ad hoc donations you may make from time to time.

Data is also collected on your volunteering activity through our programmes and where we make a matching grant to another charity you have fundraised for.

If you volunteer for any physical volunteering or take part in physical fundraising event, we, or a volunteer acting on our behalf, may collect more sensitive data on your state of health in order to manage risk and ensure your positive health and safety.  Where we may broker a volunteering opportunity for you which involves working with children or vulnerable adults you may be required to complete a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check by the charity.  If we help with this process such data is treated with the upmost care and sensitivity and is not retained by us.

We use your data to:

  • Say thank you
  • Share news and information and run campaigns
  • Comply with the law, health and safety requirements and fundraising regulations
  • Claim Gift Aid from HMRC
  • Determine fundraising trends and demographics
  • Match charity requests to available volunteers and skills
  • Promote the ‘Evolving’ volunteering programme leading up to and during retirement
  • Support our purpose of improving the quality of life for disadvantaged people.

We may share your name and home address and donation information with HMRC for the purposes of reclaiming Gift Aid on donations you make to us.

What personal data do we collect if you are a charity applying for funds and how we use it?

It’s unlikely that we will collect any personal data other than perhaps an email address if it’s not clear whether this is a business or personal address.  We will safely store and communicate with you on the email address you supply to use when applying for funds.

What personal data do we collect if you are external to Zurich or Openwork but are taking part in one of our fundraising or volunteering events or making a donation to us and how we use it?

If you take part in a fundraising or volunteering event we may collect personal data including your name, phone number and personal email address and ‘in case of emergency data’ to manage health and safety, this may include health data if the activity requires it for health and safety reasons.

This data will be stored securely and used only for this purpose.

How we keep your data safe and who has access to it.

Your personal data including donation and volunteering information is available to members of the Zurich Community Trust team with restricted access to a small number of authorised Zurich IT staff who provide ongoing support and maintenance to the Zurich Community Trust ‘Salesforce’ system. The system is password protected. All the desktop and laptop computers used by the ZCT team are also protected with privacy screens so that data is only visible to the direct user. We may also share your personal data with Zurich’s Health and Safety officer for the purpose of ensuring your safety when engaging in fundraising or volunteering activity.

How long we keep your data.

If you work for Zurich or Openwork we will retain your personal, donation and volunteering data for so long as you continue to work for Zurich or Openwork. Once you’ve left Zurich or Openwork we are required by HMRC to retain charity donation data for up to 7 years. We may also retain your data whilst you are engaging with the Evolving programme to share your skills in retirement.

For grant applicants we will retain your contact email address indefinitely.

For supporters external to Zurich or Openwork who fundraise or volunteer for us, we will retain any donation data for up to seven years to comply with HMRC or if not, your contact data for two years following the activity.

Can I find out what personal data you have about me?

The General Data Protection Regulation introduced from 25th May 2018 gives you the right to request access to personal data about you which is processed by the Zurich Community Trust. If you wish to exercise this right, please send us proof of your identification along with details of your request to

Opting out of contact from us if you work for Zurich and Openwork.

We will only write to your business address or business email address unless you have supplied and provided consent to us using a personal email address. Most of our direct marketing is delivered indirectly through the internal business intranets and portals alongside other business related communication.

We may use your business email address to send e-newsletters and to promote major campaigns. You can opt out of receiving marketing material from us directly to your business email address by emailing to confirm this.

If you are retired and engaging in ZCT’s Evolving programme we will only write to your personal email address if we have your explicit consent to do so.

Opting out of contact from us if you are external to Zurich or Openwork.

We would not normally contact to you other than to manage a grant application or to say thank you for fundraising or volunteering for us. However, if you have transacted with us before and specifically do not want us to contact you in the future please let us know by emailing confirm this.