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Zurich Cares grants

Our national, local and overseas grant programmes

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Our grant programmes

Improving the quality of life for disadvantaged people

Social Transformation programmes

Our long-term partnerships addressing key social issues

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Grant programmes

Our mission

Our grant-making is shaped by one aim - to help improve the quality of life for disadvantaged people. 

Disadvantage takes many forms, affecting all ages and backgrounds, so the diversity of our grant-making and range of community partners reflects this. 

It means we help the homeless get back on their feet through employability training, enable a child with a mental health issue to access counselling and fund therapeutic singing sessions for those living with dementia and their carers. And that's just the start!

We strive to be a considerate and intelligent funder who listens carefully to the needs and funding priorities of our partners, old and new, and who is prepared to fund those areas of work which will be of greatest benefit to the charity and to those they support.

Our grant-making

Every year, our grant programmes award around £1.75 million to more than 550 deserving causes across the UK and overseas. 

There are two key strands to our giving. Our Social Transformation programmes, wholly funded by the Zurich UK business donation to ZCT, address the key pressing issues in UK society today through long-term partnerships.

Our 'Zurich Cares' grant programmes, on the other hand, are funded by the donations and fundraising of Zurich colleagues in the UK (along with matching from the UK Business donation). Run along the lines of a 'staff charity fund', employees are the ones to decide which charities to support through the 'Zurich Cares' national, local and overseas grant programmes. 

All clear? We hope so! For more details on our grant programmes see below.

Stunning stats!

We've awarded more than £80 million in grants to deserving causes since 1973, when ZCT was founded. And, every year, we help improve the quality of life for more than 100,000 disadvantaged people.

Social Transformation

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How we address some of the thornier issues In UK society today through long-term partnerships with truly inspiring organisations.

'Zurich Cares' grants

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Thanks to the amazing fundraising of Zurich employees, our 'Zurich Cares' grant programmes are making lives of all ages just that bit better!